Sand Cologne

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Sand Cologne

The original fragrance created by the Perfume Factory. This unique & unusual Men’s Fragrance contains actual Bahamian beach sand in each bottle and is a combination of over 135 different oils including clean citrus – lemon, lime, mandarin.

A top seller wherever it’s offered!

Sand® 3.38 oz Cologne

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Sand Cologne

Sand® Cologne is the original fragrance created by the Perfume Factory. This unique & unusual fragrance contains actual Bahamian beach sand in each bottle. The fragrance is a combination of over 135 different oils including clean citrus – lemon, lime, mandarin. The beach sand goes through a process of being washed and sterilized before being added into each bottle.

A top seller wherever it’s offered!

We also have matching Sand body lotion, Sand Aftershave, and Sand Aftershave Balm available as a great pairing to Sand Cologne.

11 reviews for Sand Cologne

  1. Chris

    This cologne s totally awesome. I originally found it over 25 years ago in a hotel giftshop in Clearwater Florida. Then Later I foud the factory. Highly recommend. Great compliments and not many know about it so, it’s unique. A trait I live by!

  2. Dave (verified owner)

    The only cologne I’ve worn since 1983 after I found it in a surf shop in Ocean City, Md. Girls are highly attracted to it. it is just awesome.
    is it for sale in any stores o anymore or must it be purchased online?
    getting ready to order another bottle.

  3. Craig H Cowan

    Been wearing this cologne for well over two decades now. It’s not the only cologne I wear, but it is the most versatile.You can wear it in summer or winter. I live in Florida, and sometimes wearing a fragrance is a problem because of the heat. This cologne is so light that it never smells cloying. It’s fresh and “soapy” smelling when it’s been on a while and doesn’t aggravate my allergies at all. The sand in the bottle makes a great souvenir if you’ve been to the factory or a cool surf shop.

  4. Rose Coltess

    I have been looking for it, for my husband, back in 1983 it was the cologne he wore, the fragrance while we dated and ran out, now I HAVE FOUND IT! I intend to buy some for him for xmas!

  5. Renee P (verified owner)

    ! I originally bought this cologne in the 1980s. It has such a good fragrance I can still smell it in my mind. We bought it at the Orlando Airport in the 80s. I know my mom will remember it too!
    We have some wonderful memories to bring back with it. My mom is nearly 93 years old, and she’s been dealing with the cancer diagnosis one year. She had five rounds of chemo, six were recommended to beat the cancer entirely. However her blood pressure kept rising and the chemo would’ve killed her. So now are on an unknown path. I want her home with me and we try to make the best of everything.. At the age of 91 she seen a lot of troubles in life and I know her bones grow weary. But we will always remember the fragrances.

  6. Carmine

    I love “Sand”. It’s one of a handful of colognes that I’ve regularly worn over the past 30 years. It’s very fresh and clean smelling, yet unique as it doesn’t smell like anything else. It’s been awhile since I’ve had some, but I just suggested it to my youngest as a potential Father’s Day gift!

  7. Laura (verified owner)

    Like many of the others who left a review of Sand, my husband has been wearing ONLY Sand since the early 1980s. He used to buy it in surf shops, then down to a men’s shop in Altamonte Springs, FL, then… it vanished. Thank God for the Perfume Factory! I’ve been buying Sand from this company’s website for more than 20 years. He gets a new bottle each Christmas. THANKS, PERFUME FACTORY!

  8. Patrick

    Probably the best men’s fragrance I have ever used. Soft, subtle, and gets lots of compliments.

  9. Nick

    First found it in Orlando back in 1987. Immediately brings back memories of travels to Florida and Abaco in the Bahamas. The hot sun and sand with this fragrance while at be beach drinking a kalick beer are wonderful memories. I’m going to order some!

  10. Dennis Holzbaur (verified owner)

    I too found Sand Cologne about 10 years ago in a gift shop on the Gulf Coast of Florida. The best mens cologne I have ever wore. My wife loves it even more than I do. If you want the fragrance of summer then this is the one.

  11. tommy

    On my 3rd case. It’s all I wear. Became my trademark.

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