Our Fragrances

Most perfumes have a concentration of about 20-25 percent fragrant oils – Eau De Toilettes have around 10 percent and Colognes have 5-7 percent. The remainder is alcohol and deionized water. Since the fragrant oils are the most expensive elements of any fragrance, this explains why perfume generally costs more than colognes. For example; Approximately 3,500 pounds of roses (at 350 roses to the pound) are required to produce one pound of rose scented oil for perfumes.

About The Perfume Factory Bahamas Fragrances

All perfumes are blends of different oils. Miss Dior, for example, is a combination of 350 different oils. Shalimar, on the other hand uses only 12 oils.

The Bahamas Fragrances produced by Fragrance of the Bahamas Limited at the Perfume Factory use about 150 different fragrant oils, imported from around the world are mixed at an Eau De Toilette concentrate.