Mix Your Own

Imagine not only being able to take home a unique “Made in the Bahamas” fragrance or lotion but one that you created, mixed, bottled, named and labeled! You can do it at the Perfume factory on Grand Bahama Island for only US $30.00 for a 1oz perfume or US $15.00 for a 1.5oz lotion.

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This option is especially popular for those who want to take a special gift to loved ones back home or for those who want a unique souvenir of their trip to the island. For example, hundreds of honeymooners have mixed special fragrances here to commemorate this special time.

Some first time “mixologists” take this opportunity to name their unique fragrances after themselves or loved one- “Joan’s Joy” or “Ruth’s Romance.” Other names are more tongue-in-cheek – “Macho Hunk” or “Hot Desire.” One banker called his fragrance “Bad Debt.”

The first step in mixing your unique fragrance is to determine the type of fragrance you want to create, such as floral, spicy, woodsy, etc. Your guide can then point out the most appropriate fragrant oils for you to test.


You then get to name your fragrance, bottle it and label it. At the end of the process you will receive a certificate saying that you are an official "nose" & have mixed your own perfume. For your convenience your special fragrance will also be registered on our files for any future re-ordering.

Your completed fragrance

You are encouraged to mix 1-3 oils together to achieve just that right scent. You will then use a special mixing apparatus to blend your oils with alcohol to dilute the intensity of the fragrance. (Learn more about this process here.)

Then, your creation is decanted into your choice of attractive spray (atomizer) or splash bottle and labeled with your special name.

You will then be awarded a special certificate of mixology, proclaiming you an official “nose” and entering into the ranks of the Order of Discerning Fragrance Users.

Now that’s a gift -or special treat- that’s really made in the Bahamas!