Fragrance Tips

  1. Don’t hoard your best perfume for special occasions. It may spoil or evaporate.
  2. Keep perfume well-sealed in a cool, dark place- and in glass, because plastic tends to increase evaporation. Your refrigerator is a perfect place.
  3. If you are decanting perfume from a large bottle into a smaller one, avoid evaporation by using an eye dropper, not a funnel, to make the transfer.
  4. To be most economical, apply perfume with a spray or atomizer. You use less and get more out of it. Also, touching your finger to the bottle adds the oil from your finger and transfers hand lotion, soap, tobacco or anything you have recently touched to the perfume.
  5. Always apply perfume to a pulse spot- wrist, crook of elbow, temples, base of throat, behind the knees- where body heat can defuse it. Don’t waste it by putting it behind your ears or on clothing or furs.
  6. When sampling fragrances, never experiment with more than three at a time. Your olfactory sense numbs after that. Wait at least 10 minutes before making up your mind; it takes that long for the alcohol to evaporate and for your body oils to mix with the fragrance.
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