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Spicy Caribbean – ginger & cinnamon oils.

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Goombay was named after our summer festivals celebrated yearly here in the in the Bahamas since 1974.  It is a celebration of Bahamian dance, music, food, and culture and is a huge draw for tourists every year.

A popular instrument used in music in the Bahamas is a goat sheep drum that makes a very deep low sound. This low beat was described as a “Goom Bah” sound – hence the word Goombay was derived from the sound of the drum.

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1.7 fl. oz./50ml., 3.4 fl. oz./100ml.

3 reviews for Goombay

  1. Kim

    my favorite of your perfumes, this one isn’t too fruity or frilly. I get lots of compliments on it!

  2. Olenda

    Excellent fragrance. Never found another that I love as much. Discovered Goombay while vacationing in Freeport over 20 years ago

  3. Nanci

    I absolutely adore this fragrance!! My sister brought two bottles back for me in the 1980’s and I have used it sparingly only for special occasions. I have to have more!!

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