Fragrance Manufacturing

First the raw oil, 190 proof alcohol & filtered water is measured out and placed in a 120 gallon stainless steel vat. The raw materials are then mixed with a hand paddle.

Mixing perfume

The stainless steel vat & hand paddle which are used to mix the raw materials together.


Second, after the raw materials are blended the fragrance is then pumped through the filter machine which contains 8 separated filters. These filters take out any flower curds or unwanted particles. The fragrance is then stored in a sterilized 120 gallon stainless steel vat.

Filtering Perfume

The filter machine & the storage vats.


Third, a hand operated pump is then used to draw the fragrance from the storage vats into the bottles. The caping, labeling, and packaging is also done in the production area. The finished product is then placed in a temperature regulated room and is then ready for selling or shipping.

Bottling the perfume

The hand pump and production counter. They are processing our #1 seller – Sand cologne.