About Us

A “must see” for every visitor to Grand Bahama Island is the Perfume Factory, located in an elegant pink replica of an old Bahamian mansionat Freeport’s International Bazaar. The free tour not only takes you behind the scenes of a working fragrance production operation, but you will also have the opportunity to mix your own special fragrance, bottle it and name it.
Fragrance of the Bahamas Limited, housed in the Perfume Factory, produces some of the most popular perfumes colognes and lotions in the Bahamas- Sand, Pink Pearl, Island Promises, Bahama Blue, Bahama Mama, Bahama Papa, Conch Salad, Fruit Punch, Freeport, Nassau, Guanahani, Goombay, Paradise, Old Haywards,

Factory tours are guided by a group of delightful and knowledgeable young Bahamian women. Photo opportunities include the manufacturing operation and the colourful building itself.

Unlike the giant perfume manufacturers, most of the operations required to produce fragrances are performed by hand here at The Perfume Factory. A small production staff handles the entire manufacturing operation, from mixing to bottling to packaging.

Unusual packaging techniques make these special fragrances even more interesting. Each bottle of Sand ® Cologne contains a small amount of Bahamian beach sand. Each bottle of Pink Pearl contains a pearl milled from conch-shells. International design awards have also been won for the fragrance packages Paradise & Island Promises.

These Bahamas-made fragrances from the Perfume Factory may be taken back to the United States duty free! The United States’ Caribbean Basin Incentives allows goods manufactured in the Bahamas to be brought into the U.S duty free, visitors from the States are not required to pay duty on Fragrance of the Bahamas Limited products- and these purchases do not count against the travelers’ $600.00 duty-free allowance.