Pink Pearl

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Pink Pearl

Our unique & unusual Pink Pearl is actually a light, spicy fragrance with a main note of frangipani and one of our most popular best sellers.

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Pink Pearl

Our unique & unusual Pink Pearl is actually a light, spicy fragrance with a main note of frangipani. Each bottle contains one pink pearl milled directly from pink conch shells. The conch will occasionally produce an actual real pearl but it is very rare – about 1 in every 10,000 conch produces a pearl.

Matching body lotion also available.

These bottles come in spray form not splash.



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Pink Pearl

1.7 fl. oz./50ml., 3.4 fl. oz./100ml.

8 reviews for Pink Pearl

  1. Lorraine Ferreira

    I got my first bottle of pink pearl for a gift a few years ago I have been using it ever since. It is the best I wear it every day, and every day I get compliments. It has the softest smell. It is the only one I wear, it really makes me feel good

  2. Chrissie Hodge (verified owner)

    I got Pink Pearl on our Honeymoon 25 years ago I fell in love with it then and still love it to this day. My husband just ordered me another bottle for my birthday.

  3. Queeie Rawlins

    I too fell in love with Pink Pearl on my Honeymoon (1986) and have ordered it online many times over the years. I did get to purchase some in the bahamas a few years ago. My husband likes Sand & we smell so good together.

  4. kathy cooper

    I bought a bottle of Pink Pearl while on the Disney Cruise in the Bahamas, back in the 1990’s. I love it and have ordered new bottles several times. So happy to find that I can still get it. It is such a nice light fragrance, not heavy like a lot of colognes. I have told several friends about this fragrance and they have also ordered it. Thank goodness, it is still available for purchase.

  5. Eileene Cresawn (verified owner)

    I have used Pink Pearl for many years. It is a light fragrance frangipani fragrance. It is available to order online. I wouldn’t use anything else.

  6. Laurie Brown (verified owner)

    I had started wearing Pink Pearl back in 1994 and have worn it ever since. It’s true the body’s chemistry helps with the fragrance of the perfume. I love it.

  7. Cynthia Sweet (verified owner)

    I have used Pink Pearl since a trip to the Bahamas in 1993 and adore it. So does everyone around me. I have had friends and strangers ask what the fragrance is and where I get it so they can order it for themselves or a loved one. It is such a light calming fragrance…I don’t feel dressed without it.

  8. Chantal (verified owner)

    My moms favorites parfume since she went there 20 years a go. Till this day i still buy it for her bday every year🙂

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